… Sonson’s AAA move has a humongous hit zone, small vulnerability, instant startup and no ground recovery, though full aerial vulnerability. I wanna know if she has a true unblockable, or if what I’ve been hitting people with is just really hard to block, or totally unexpected.

There are times when, if the opponent is above you and you perform the HP Seitenrengeki, you will move past the opponent with Sonson’s body, but still hit with the back half / quarter of the move. Which can combo into the Nyoi-bo, though it’s a little harder to time. I wanna know why it seems that people just can’t block it.

Is it because it crosses them up just before it hits, so they can block but would need the reaction time of God? Is it that they just cannot block, period (glitch), or is it that doing the move in that situation is just so unexpected that they’re not blocking because they think they’re safe, and it’s too fast? Or is it a combination of the fact that it’s an abnormal attack zone, that looks like it should whiff, and it crosses up and is fast?

Mostly, I seem to get it on Normal jumping characters, though I get it on people descending from an sj. often enough…

I seem to get this every match where Sonson isn’t instantly pounded.

Oh, and another fun bit… Striking repeatedly with deep f+HPs bugs the CRAP out of a lot of people… and the fact that you can insta-cancel into the Seitenrengeki when they try and jump over you can get you free combos if you time it right… (either because you stuff a counter, they’re not ready, or you catch with the above cross-up-like AA.)

I really don’t know if it’s unblockable or just hard to block, but I get it enough I figure I might as well lend it to ya’ll… tell me if it’s obvious and known as hell, or if it helps or is too hard. FEEDBACK! Good stuff.

Here’s to all of you pushing Sonson to the limit.

Tron Jon


Nice post. I’ve seen what you’re talking about, but I’ve always figured it was just unexpected since barely anyone uses standalone DP’s in this game. Maybe there is something there though, as I know I’ve been hit with this too when I thought I was blocking. :lol:


I’m gonna work on that move and see what I come up with :slight_smile:

I love your explanation of the f+HP though. I piss off a friend of mine with that all the time :slight_smile:


Standalone DPs don’t work with many characters, but because of Sonson’s lack of any ground recovery, she can use it in a lot of ground to air situations… Additionally, she can do the crazy thing, and juggle an assist with it… or, if she hits someone with the first DP, but doesn’t follow it up… she can harry them by calling a second immediately on landing. A lot of people really cannot deal with repeated Dragon Punches… it does not work if it does not hit, so pushblock is a problem.

There are a lot of cases where if you call it, she is totally and completely unpunishable. Or, at least, if she is punishable, she has the opportunity to block. For example, vs. a lot of aerial opponents, she Many people wait to strike with their attack until she has landed, they don’t manage it… If they treat it like an OTG attempt, it’s not going to work. Additionally, vs. a lot of smaller characters, she crosses them up at the last second, if they’re grounded… so she is given that extra moment.

On the other hand, if you whiff it against a character that pushblocks, calls Psy, Rocket punches, or launches right… bad things happen.

Either way, the point is: It’s great as a standalone DP, but not perfectly safe. Probably as useful as Typhoon, etc…

Tron Jon