Queens gym teacher raped 16-year-old wrestler in school


A Queens gym teacher flipped out on a student she raped numerous times when he was 16 after he revealed he was taking a date to the prom, prosecutors alleged Tuesday.
The relationship between Joy Morsi, 39, of Massapequa, L.I. and the wrestler at Grover Cleveland High School in Ridgewood began around June of last year when she helped him try to lose weight, prosecutors said.
On June 10, Morsi lured the student into a “secluded closet” where she exposed herself to the student, prosecutor Taylor Piscionere said.
She also allegedly sent the student emails asking if he was a virgin, as well as raunchy selfies.
Sexual encounters occurred all over the school from June to July of last year — including the basement and gymnasium, prosecutors said.

Read more: http://www.nydailynews.com/new-york/queens/queens-gym-teacher-raped-16-year-old-wrestler-school-prosecutors-article-1.1815445#ixzz33cNNwclY

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so the guy is 16… been fucking the gym teacher… she got mad cause he got some tight poon for the prom… where is the fucking rape?


This was reverse rape right @specs‌


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Raping a 16 year old wrestler? Not impressed. Bet she couldn’t have raped Mark Henry :coffee:


She looks like a milf, and doesn’t look that bad.


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“Dude shoulda handled it better and spun it into a threesome.”

“Where was these teachers in my HS?”

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And for the few women on the site:

“He has no right to be offended.”

“He enjoyed it. All guys care about is sex.”

“He tricked her into it. Men are evil.”

And for the possible ONE transsexual person on SRK:

“No one cares when a transgender person rapes someone.”


There’s been a epidemic of these women dropping on teenage dick…I just wanna know what kind of game are these boys playing.


so he consented at first? and when he found better things he got raped?

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i really don’t know wtf is going on


This must have happened within a 15 minute drive from me 0_o.


@"The Epidemic"‌ What did I say about people from Queens? :cherrylimecinnamonsmoothie:


OP rename thread to “Female gym teacher found to be heterosexual.”

That’s the real news story here.


so how does a guy get raped when he’s dick was rock solid when the entire ordeal took place?


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Or maybe he got buttbanged with a dildo?

Doesn’t sound like rape


[quote=“FallenGalaxy, post:265, topic:2094”]

Something is wrong here, women can’t rape man because rape is another patriarchy way to suppress women, also women are so pure and rape is so evil.

COD more than probable :coffee:


Freddy Kruger could successfully give you a handjob, female rape victims “get wet,” and statutory rape is a thing. Did I miss anything?


I think he’s making a joke, or at least attempting to. Something along the lines of mocking/parodying the claims from male rapists that say “she was wet when I was doing it so she must have liked/wanted it. If she didn’t want it she wouldn’t have been wet.”

Then again, I may be overestimating Sexperienced’s intelligence :coffee: