Queens, NY - A more local local


What’s up guys. I’m just curious if there’s any Queens players in here that would be interested in having some offline session time in SF, MVC3, etc. It’s not always possible for everyone to trek it out to a venue in NYC or in Brooklyn due to time restraints and RL responsibilities so maybe us locals can help each other out!

I’m currently looking for a local spot in Queens where we can have some casuals and improve our game. If anybody’s interested post up or PM me.

I am a ken user and i want to ask a question about mashing

Same here. Hardly anything happens on Queens NY and everything else happens in Brooklyn or Manhattan! i Seriously need to get some casuals in too. I just don’t wanna take 1-2 hour rides every time :smiley:


I play MvC2 and I live in Queens (in Woodside). I don’t play MvC3 or SF. If anyone wants to play some MvC2 Dreamcast sessions, just let me know.

I also upload videos (over 5,600 MvC2 videos): www.youtube.com/Bretth123


I live in Queens!

I know there’s a biweekly session at Break Bar and Billards in Astoria. People should come out to that and coughbringbettertvscough. :wink:


We had an Asus monitor there last night woohoo.


Hope to run some sessions starting in July at my new place in Sunnyside. Should have a bunch of setups including the ASUS evo monitor.


I’m in Sunnyside too; would love to step into this once I get my joystick build completed. Playing online is fun and all, but I swear I’m getting worse as I’m learning how to fight all “lag-like”. (PS360+).


same here live in Queen Village off the boarder of Nassua and i hate these elitist fucks online. I also host tourneys as well but thats in Manhattan. i’m trying to see if any place would like to host a bi weekly of AE and MvC3.

PS: also i’m try to see bout going to the next 8 on the break. if anyone is not doing anything next tuesday and wants some good offline fights come with me. my car has 4 spots open right now. just PM me if you want to go.


If we could get a weekly tourny going in Astoria/Bayside/Flushing that would be great.

Does anyone know somewhere we could do this?


I would consider myself a knowledgeable beginner in Marvel 3, would it be worth it for me to show up for the Break Billiards sessions in Astoria. I dont really have a way to play anyone as I cant really afford to pay for XBL right now


I’m in Bayside/Oakland Gardens, I used to travel to CTF often but local casuals would be sweet. If there’s anyone around or near my area, let me know.


otakugamer223 i’m not that far from your area. i live in Queens Village, but serious ppl who wants to go to the next 8 on the break biweekly or this coming guard crash in blyn. pm me asap.


There is a whole lot of I’m looking, and no organizing in this thread.

People looking for Queens casuals:

As DaFeetLee said, there is a BiWeekly event in Queens, in Astoria. Break Billiards, right off the train. On Wednesdays. Starts at 7. I think you can play free pool as well. So if you guys are looking, it happens tomorrow.


Well I was thinking even more local and for training purposes, but I might drop by in those biweeklys somewhere in a few months.


im thinking of going to Break Billiards sessions in Astoria but i just started started playing ssf4 for about a month or so…is it worth going?


Is it worth playing online? Why would it not be worth playing offline? At least offline no one is going to send you hatemail and you can discuss what you are doing wrong/right and how to approach a difficult matchup/situation with the people who are putting you in that situation.


I’m in Forest Hills, which is closer, but for me to go over someone’s house and play they have to be near my age. I’m not going to show up at a 16 year olds house and have their parents wondering why the fuck a 30+ year old is hanging out with their kid playing video games.

Simply put, said player must be renting or owning their own place.


I was at 8 Bit and had a blast. point being Reipin is right. if i go to someone house i hope they own it cause it just plain weird when you show up to someones house to find out their 16. if i was that 16 year olds parent. “You asking to get rape or something!”

i’ll check out the next event in Astoria.


Reipin, i live in Kew Gardens. I don’t own ssf4 but I do have marvel 3 and apparently really suck, lol. What do you play?


I play SSF4:AE. marvel is too much wtf for my old mind to comprehend