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Just throwing the word out here, I’m having a KOFXIII session on Thanksgiving Day at my house in Springfield Gardens pretty much all day. If you can make it cool, otherwise spare the “It’s Thanksgiving reasons” because I know what day it is already.Here is the link to the event.


Going to NL to play CvS2 tomorrow


Since this is a Queens post, anyone at Saint Johns University play AE2012, UMVC3 or Project M?


For anyone interested, I will be hosting a KOFXIII prep session for Defend the North at my house Thursday (1/09/2013) so if you want to come through, you’re more than welcome to.


Good turnout at Mashfest last night, there were about 7-8 different people playing KOF. We’re going to try to make this a permanent thing for every one of these events since it seems that people can make it there. The next one is January 27 so try to make it there for those interested in playing with people in Manhattan or in NY period.


A few people are going to Mashfest at Fashion 40 Lounge this Monday to play KOF, it starts at 6PM and ends at 10PM, $5 to get in and you have to be 21 or older to enter since it is a bar. Most of the guys who plan on playing are going to show up either exactly at 6PM or no later than 7PM so show up early otherwise you’ll miss an opportunity to play with people in the city.


Very good turnout at Mashfest and I want to assume everyone that went had a pleasurable time as well. See everyone who’s going at the next one two weeks from now (February 10, 2014)


As if anyone uses this thread but just in case, is anyone trying to play Ultra SFIV in the Springfield Gardens/Queens area today?


Im in Laurelton, Queens. I play SFIV, UMVC3, Kof, tekken. Im not that adept, but im looking to get together with people too.
If you’re down lets meet up and play some offline matches. Im in a gaming team too, looking to get some good exp.


Laurelton here. marvinabsent@gmail.com


I’m looking for more players around Sunnyside, Queens to play offline sessions. I host almost every other weekend and would like to get more people. You must be at least 21 years. Shoot me a pm if you’re interested.
Also, me and a friend used to host games at BREAK in Astoria every other week. I would like to start doing this again; I can bring an xbox+2sticks. Would anyone else be interested in co-hosting? Pm me.


Where in Sunnyside?


right next to the 46th ST-Bliss ST station


Hey. I just moved to Jackson Heights and would love to get some games in. I mostly play UMVC3 but am looking to pick up P4A and BlazBlue as well. Is there anything still happening in Queens?


Hey guys, anyone thats still in queens and interested in playing USF4 offline, please visit this site here



Anyplace for casuals in queens?


Or anywhere in nyc?


Are the Sunnyside meet ups still happening? I haven’t played seriously in years and would like to get back into it. Mostly USFIV and KOFXIII. Any older crowd (25-35) get together to play in Queens?


Hey feboogie, I still host like every other weekend at my place in Sunnyside on the 7 train. It’s a small group of average but solid players, I think all of us are adults 26-34. Private msg me for more info. USF4 only though.

I don’t do BREAK anymore but the PIE guys have been running the Last Man Standing tournaments there on Saturdays. Info in the post by citiofbrass, up a few posts.


I’m planning on running a small monthly in Bayside (eastern Queens). Maybe it’s just me, but there seems to be such a drought in eastern Queens & western Nassau for local tournaments &/or sessions. The venue I’m considering most right now is a new arts center (39-27 Bell Blvd, Bayside, NY 11361) that just happens to have access to a ton of transportation options. The LIRR Bayside station is there, and there are several different Queens and Nassau buses that pass through as well. You can also get there easily by taking the LIE.

The first potential date would be mid-April and would probably be a weekday night. We’d have SFV for sure and another game, or two, depending on interest.

Would anybody be interested in coming if I give it the green light?