Queensland is screwed - Flood Crisis 2011


I’m unsure if anyone here is from QLD, but I hope that you’re all safe.

I’m fortunate enough to live on the high ground in Brisbane with no impact to my internet or phone service, but the rest of the city, as well as many of the population hubs in the state are right and proper fucked - I feel guilty that I can be here reaching out when people have already lost so much more. Towns of 8000 people having 3000 or more evacuated, transport routes throughout the state being cut off…I hope you’re all still kicking and surviving.

For the Americans not knowing what I’m talking about, take a state the physical size of Cali, Nevada, Arizona and Utah together (give or take), then put half of it under floods.


I’ve been checking videos of this online. It’s brutal, good luck mang.


Yea shit’s been pretty bad and going on for quite a while now, since a little before the new years… =/

I’m lucky enough to be down in Sydney but i can’t even imagine what it must be like there.


yeah, it’s been wet since new years, but the floods didn’t start until Sunday night. The Brisbane river is going to go up another meter tonight - the CBD is now a ghost town, not flooded as yet, though. Entry to Brisbane is cut off from the north and west.


Links to vids and pics? All I know is that there will be long term effects.


Just google it man, ffs. I’m about to head out to the evacuation centre this morning and see what I can help with.

75% of the state is now declared a disaster zone.


There’s videos all over YouTube with footage of the flooding.


Good luck down there be safe. That shit is hardcore.