Okay, I was watching a japanese makoto combo video and in one of the series, makoto does something strange that I have no explanation for. It looks like kara~ whatever but I am a noob, and am lost.

She stands amost a whole character length away from alex, she goes into the short kick animation and then automatically pops forward into her command throw. Seeming to throw him from over a character legth distance away to start the combo.

Then later in the combo, she resets him with a hayate in the corner and does the same thing. Only this time, when she cancles out of the short kick animation she appears behind him in her ex dp move where she punches straight up in the air-- completely crossing him over before he lands.

She did the same thing to the shotos, so i dont think its character spicific, and she does it to them when they wake up too. But I am lost as to how this is being accomplished. I have my own theories, but what is the button commands for this?

Is anyone willing to help out a 3S newb.

well… the standing short makes makoto go a bit forward… if ur fast enough u do short and then hayate… that increases the range that little bit… but its also possible with her command throw u just have to be uberfast…

and it works on everyone, u just need to know your spacing (u cannot hit with the short and still grab them… it wont work)

and when u do ex hayate in the corner and u press forward+short and u hit them u can do some mixups from there… like:::

-ex dp like u said i guess (never seen it)
-dash under and from there grab (means you are in the corner; means SA2 ownage)
-dash a little bit later and just stand infront of them…
-karakarakusa (short and cancel it really fast into the command throw like i told you above)

Hmm, thanks. I will work on it. Anyone else with further insight on it please feel free to drop some imput too. As nothing is definative when we are bouncing ideas off of each other.

Also, I have looked through all the threads here and there is no real info on Mak’s SAIII. Only the frame data.

I am not sure about its practicality at high level, you cant block, but if anything else its a crowd pleaser. I have seen more than one instant kill set up and or combo, but none are posted here. I was just wondering.

I think the only really bad drawback of it is no real ex to work with. But then again I am just speculating.

Um…that IS definative. That’s what the player is doing. kara-karakusa and using short to reset after hayate into mindgames.

Vapulus, please re read my statement. The key here is you noticing how it was phrased generally, and very open ended. Reading is fundamental. I clearly asked for futher insight and then talked about bouncing ideas off one another. Which had no direct connection to DooMs comment (thank you again) other than the fact that it was actually about Makoto. If you hadnt noticed, ideas and strats are never definative, they change. My following comments even after this should have helped you gather the broad gatagory I meant for it to cover when I started asking about info on the use of SAIII. So if you arent going to read something as simple as that for what its worth, you are free to skew it however you like, but please, dont bother me about it.

I apologise, now there are two recurring post that are of little relevance or importance. PM me if you absolutely must argue your point, this isnt the place for it.

Then why’d you argue your point first, and then tell me it’s not cool to argue your point in the thread. The only point I had was that DooM hit it right on the money. I didn’t mean to sound like the “jackass” you called me in the PM (not cool). I am not one to start or continue flame wars. I’m posting this in the thread so other people don’t think I was being offensive with my statement. I was commenting that what DooM stated was the 100%, definitive, concrete, solid answer to your question about the vid. I was backing him up. I made absolutely no reference to SAIII. I was clarifying. Not attacking. And it’s hard to find good SAIII info, because AFAIK few people really use it besides as a novelty, and there aren’t a lot of really “solid” setups for it. It’s one of those supers that can either destroy your opponent…or destroy you…depending on about a million variables that are half in your control. There’s a small discussion on it in the forums here, and it kinda’ fizzled out 'cause few people bother to really use this art. It’s just a little too risky for serious competition.

Yeah, I apologised in the PM in case I just interpreted it wrong. Sorry about that man.

And on SAIII, damn. If only she could block.

Can she parry while in that mode? Umm… why dont I just go expirement. Nvm.

It looks like if you can parry a jump in that puts them in dp range and then dpXXSAIII~ dash, then dp again it dizzies. Is this true to everyone or am I just tripping.


Eh, no big deal. It’s the internet. Things get misinterpreted wrong all the time. That’s why everybody on my aim list bitches about me spamming the hell out of them with smilies so that they know what I mean. :wink:

Makoto can still parry everything exactly as she did before activating SAIII. And there’s a lot of good setups that’ll net you some very promising damage. Parrying a jumpin is one of them, I believe, like you said. There’s also a couple others. One being to use the invincibility frames to absorb a hit then return some massive damage hayate combo action on them. The problem with SAIII is always that…if you don’t kill them with it, you’re going to be eating some high-priority pokes and combos until your little flashing meter decides to let you block again. =P If it weren’t for that, it’d be her best super by far…if not the best in the game…so I’m sure that’s why it’s the way it is. :wink:


is it possible to parry a semi-deep jump-in and then DP with makoto? i find it challenging @_@

i tried DP > SA3 > hayate > cr.roundhouse (wall) but it comes out like once in a blue moon so i just stick with SA2 like all da noobs :lol:

I am thinking maybe something like.

AA dp (on counter hit?) >SA3 >dash~dp (before they land) = instant dizzy.

The two dp’s back to back dizzy everyone I think. And once they are dizzy, you can pretty much rape them.

I dont know, is it possible to accomplish this via regualr AA, or off a parry where the other character overlaps enough for the dp to hit?

Not only that, but you loose the excess of ex you had to work with while using SA2… which was so l33t. lol

Still, my friends are parry bait, if I can find a way to make it work it might potentially be worth using. Unfortunately if I ever want to get anywhere against real comp I will have to go with SA2.

Don’t forget SA1. I, personally, am a SA1 user. I’d prefer to not have a super that’s nearly pointless without a karakusa and a perfect setup. Parry -> c.lk xx SA1 == money.

Yo val, DooM, are yall absolutely sure that is what I was seeing. I just looked at it again. And he clearly crosses him up AFTER he is completely grounded~ex dp as he wakes up…no dash animation or anything, just magically appear on the opposite side of him…

here, you take a look at it.


add the “h”…

yeah, SAIII is a joke, and SAII is somewhat impractial if you are constantly rushing down fools with makoto. and yes, having to get a 'kusa in your corner for it to really work is pretty absurd.

SAI is by far her best super imo…

as for the karakara, the karakara in the corner is fun, but the best thing to do if you do reset them is to just block. most people know the mind games that ensue after the reset so you’ll just earn yourself a dp or something similar for your efforts.

what you need to do for the karakara to be effective is to learn its range so you can whip it out whenever you need it. There are some set ups for it (f+mp),but they are for the most part too hard to actully land in an actual match.

I tend to just land the karakara on wake up by dashing back a couple times, but still, people see it coming a mile away…

not saying its a bad move by any means, it should just be used very sparingly imo.

I think her kara ex oroshi is the best use of her standing short cancel, but again, you have to know the spacing for to be effective. mixing it up with sweeps is good too…

gheh can u see alex quickrising… thats how she can dash through him… never knew u could karadp thru it… pretty kool