Quest to get better

i have offically moved to cali to get my skills in street fighter and other 3d fighter enhanced anybody live around the bay area of san fran pm me for the hook yo

oh yeah this is a nice beat
true househead

That is a crappy beat…:tdown:

Next time go to the Pacific South Matchmaking subforum if you want local challenge.

Wait so is Street Fighter the sole reason your moving to California? If so, that just might be the worst life decision you’ll ever make.

Personally, I’d be impressed by the boldness of such a move but, yea… it would not seem to be the wisest of choices.

yeah san fran is in pac south.

right next to los angeles

lol i just got back to this post i have a job and everything over here it just that it more easier to get around and have some fun yall actually arcades around here easier to socialize and chat not to mention the economy sorta fits my thinking when it comes to living and all the pros are here as well