So is there anyone on this forum that DOESN’t TROLL and talk Ish… if your good at SF and don’t mind helpin out (like I thought this forum would do) when I have a question, rather than talkin Ish… feel free to add me as a friend … other wise I don’t know what this forum is good for other than the Sticky Thread info.

why don’t yuo ask your question.

Ask your question dawg.

I mean down the line… it says feel free to add me … if you already didnt add me then chances are your bein a smart ass about it… soooooo I’ll know people that wouldn’t mind helpin down the line if they add me as a friend… get it?

A wild TROLL appears!

And OP is a troll

didn’t see that coming

Now you realize the inner mysteries of Yoga.

yeah it defeats the purpose of this forum when some guy comes in with troll bait

I’m sorry…I don’t feel like holding your hand if you are going to act like a crybaby.
Just ask the question…that’s what this subforum is for, noob.

It’s okay yo, I aint no hatin ass bitch, you can feel free to ask without fear meh dawg.

thanks I sent a PM tho.

I never troll. I’m probably the most serious member here.