Question - 6 button madcatz se


I’ve been browsing around collecting ideas for when I start modding my stick and Ive seen a few se’s with 6 buttons instead of the standard 8. How is this typically done? Do you guys just not cut the holes for the 7 and 8 buttons or is there something more advanced?



Button plugs are your friend.


Button holes.

Also, you could just cut 6 holes :S


I know about button holes but they look like ass and the ones I saw didnt have them. I guess the answer is to just cut the 6 holes.




If you just slap the art on and only cut 6 holes, and you don’t plug it up with a button plug You’ll probably end up poking a hole in it, in which case you’ll end up putting in a button plug. Which means you should probably just do it now instead of down the road.

This is all providing that you don’t have a plexi on your SE. Which I don’t think I’ve really seen too much of, TBH.

Best of luck either way, though.


Thats exactly why I made this thread…Now this leads me to my next question. Is there any way to fill them besides the plugs or plexi?


I have an SE with only 6 buttons. I was afraid of this happening, but the lamination I got from Kinkos for my artwork is surprisingly sturdy and holds up well. Been using it for a few months now and no dents or anything yet.


Like this.
The way of NotANoob81.


I’ve seen someone around here that sells some kind of bamboo tops for these with the correct 6 button layout. Tying to find it again…


I agree with Dave, these would probably work better.


Are you talk of kineda?
He making Custom Bamboo Panel for Mad Catz Arcade FightStick? Tournament Edition.

Say he can made for Mad Catz Arcade FightStick? too.
Don’t know how the bend will be done though.
Maybe he talking about the Acrylic Panels.

doomy is almost done with his Mad Catz Arcade FightStick? also.


I completely forgot about kineda’s thread…definitely going to look into it some more. Thanks for the links.