Question about a fight stick - SF vs SCV button spacing

Hello everyone this is my first post on here and I have a question. I have the MvC Tourney stick a while ago and the SF4 Fightstick at the same time. I could not get use to it so I sold them basically brand new after only like 30 minutes of use. I was pretty good at SF4 but took a long, long layoff. Tried it again and was getting hammered really bad. I could not even get the Ultra’s and Super’s out no more. Well I have SFxT now and I am still struggling real bad so I figured it is time to invest in another one and to keep this one. I really like the SCV Soul Edition, but comparing it to the SF ones the buttons are at an arc and I know this is probably for the way the buttons were laid out on the arcades. My question is for anyone who has used the button layout for both sticks, is there a major difference for the layout on the SC stick for when I wanna play SF? I use to play SFII in the arcades and I just wanted to get someone’s honest opinion who has used both sticks. Thanks.

Honestly it less have to do with you layout and more has to do with you.
You need to play more than 30 min to get a feel for using an arcade stick.

You have to practice and develop that muscle memory.
Very few people can do it in 30 minuets, but most people take hours to get used to the change in controls.
If you play a few hours each day for a few days to 2 weeks, your game will pick up and you notice the difference with a stick vs D-pad.

If you been practicing a few hours at least for 2 weeks and you haven’t gotten better, then sticks are not for you