Question about a mod I made to my Madcatz TE stick

I have the 360 version of the TE stick, but I remember I bought a mod from Lizard Lick, among other things, and it allowed me to play it on a PS3 as well. The problem now is, I forgot what I needed to do, if anything, to be able to switch from 360 to PS3 mode. Now I can play it fine on the 360, but I was going to see if it worked on my PS4 but I am not expecting it to.

Does anyone know how to go between modes? Thanks a ton!

It depends on what PCB it was dualmodded with. If it was modded an MC Cthulhu or ChImp, you can force 360 mode by holding LK+MP+HK while plugging in the USB.

You can also hold Home button while plugging in the USB to switch between the console mode (Imp V2 setup). Or try holding Start+Select while plugging in the USB.

Thanks that worked!

Great success!