Question about A-Rock

I’ve been experimenting with this guy on A-Groove lately, and I know alot of his common CC’s and whatnot. But lately i’ve been thinking about something, and I haven’t really practiced it thoroughly, I only did it like 2-3 times in practice mode and a few times in matches.

So heres what i’ve been doing, I activate, and I perform his qcb+hp, I cancel the first hit into his 360 grab - Then I do the basic/common shit to do.

My question is about that starter. I dont know if its semi-unblockable, but i’ve found that at times after cancelling the first hit into 360 grab, i’ve been able to grab my opponents even when they blocked the first hit, however, on other times the 360 grab has failed when first hit was blocked.

Can anyone confirm this starter for me? Cause it’d be pretty useful if it could atleast catch someone while they were blocking standing or something.

What im basically trying to do is this combo:

qcb+fierce, 360 (cancel), qcb+fierce (to corner) 2 Rising Tackles, Raging Storm.

In practice did took out pretty descent amount of health, both characters at ratio 2 (it did about close to half) while I allowed myself to be cornered by the dummie. I haven’t succeded that combo in matches because of me screwing up and forgetting to cancel the 360 :stuck_out_tongue:

i think if you cancel the first hit into 360 ASAP, the throw will whiff. if you cancel into it later in the move, it might work. i would skip the 360 if the elbow hits, and just: qcb+HP (2-hit), [qcb+MP, close s.HK]xN to corner, rising tackles, super. the 360 wastes a lot of damage if you land the elbow, obviously it’s good for a mixup when they block

What i found about that move is this. If the character your attacking is still in block stun of the first elbow and you do the 360 it will whiff. But if you wait a little and wait till you see rock’s second hand coming to do the blast hit. cancel that and they should be out of block stun and you get the throw. It looks cool.

Con- it will only work once on someone who has never seen it before. The moment i cancel it i get poked/counter(they can even jump out of the way) or CC done on me. Which might i add is always fun. But in reality you would be better served to mix it up a bit cancel the first elbow into the double reppuken a few times and then try th 360 after the secound hit of the repukken, but the same con applies block stun has to be finished before grab will work and if your opponent is looking for it, BOTTOM LINE- you’re gonna get your ass handed to you.

Randomly done/first time use- Great opening to get custom off.

Good luck with getting again though.

Yah I was just experimenting with that, thanks for clearing it up though (I couldn’t really land this on a versus match everytime I tried, the times I did try I would just wiff the grab cause i’d do it a little too fast). Ah well. Thanks again.