Question about a weird glitch: SPD whiffed on a dizzed Chun

Resolute and I were playing on GGPO just now, and we saw a glitch that blew both of our minds. We both saw it and talked about it for a little while afterwards so it definitely wasn’t a rollback or some wonky online fluff. The game was running butter smooth for us the whole time through.

He was Chun and I was Gief. He was dizzied in the middle of the stage, and I went in for a walk-up SPD. I did it at point-blank range and it whiffed completely, animation and all. The only other thing I can note is that he recovered from the dizzy almost immediately after. He didn’t do anything coming out of the dizzy that would have granted throw immunity, though; just a randomly mashed normal. Pretty funny to see, and left us both scratching our heads.

Somebody pleeeease explain this in terms of engine mechanics. I think it goes without saying that we’re not the first people to ever discover this “bug,” but it was sure as hell new to us!

If you dizzy with a throw, you can’t attack on a dizzy with a throw. As for the get out of dizzy fast part, try NOT mashing UNTIL your charecter is fully standing and see if you get better results.

Hm. Maybe I was dizzied on a throw.

Ha. I don’t freakin’ remember. That was like match number 250.

And thanks for the dizzy recovery advice.

Another note on this topic: if you land and immediately throw, even if the opponent is in the middle of an attack you will throw him. I know it’s messed up. Also, think about the motion input timing NOT the animation that occurs.

Hmm, thanks for the answer man. I remember hearing about that glitch… can’t remember if I dizzied with a throw or not. Very possible/probable.

Resolute, sorry I got your name wrong! :rofl:

What I don’t get is how this game assigns throw priority sometimes. I jump in, don’t attack, he’s getting up from a knockdown. He gets the throw.

I get up from a knock down, he attacks, I block, go for the throw… he wins it.

Don’t know if it’s a GGPO input lag thing, but throws are just odd for me on GGPO in general.

Throws hit on the first frame and are invincible for a short while (you cannot counter a command grab tick attempt with a reversal throw). Also range for throws is EXTREMELY important thing to learn (1 pixel will consistantly win a match). Don’t get aggrivated at throw spammers either. If you know how to counter it but you can’t then your trying too hard (ST doesn’t need to be forced play, but MUST be deliberate.