Question about Adapters

Hey I recently decided that I’m probably just going to buy the Hori PS3 Pro Stick.

However I know this will wound stupid but…I don’t have a PS3.

I only have a PS2 and a Wii, and I’ll do most of my fighting on these two consoles.

Anyway the PS3 uses a USB port to connect the controller to the system, I’m just wondering if when I search for adapters that I search for ones that transfer USB to the console of my choice.

Example: USB to Wii adapter.

There is no legacy support for just usb to something, your in trouble :(. Unless the system recognizes it out of the box through the usb directly your out of luck except without some custom engineering.

Well is there a way I can get a PS3 to Wii and a PS3 to PS2 adapter then?

Short answer - No. You have to change the PCB.

Long answer - There is a Controller Adapter/Converter thread already started by some awesome dude on SRK.


Nice plug.


I’m sorry I didn’t see it.:sad:

Well the damage has seemed to be already done, so I think I’ll just ask one more question on here since I already started this thread before leaving it to die.

What’s a PCB?

Thanks, I try :lovin:

PCB is Printed Circuit Board. It’s the board in a controller or joystick that controls everything. PS1 PCBs (the board from a PS1 controller) are the most compatible with adapters.

Well I have more questions about this, is it okay if I PM you instead of bumping this forbidden thread?

Yeah if you want to sure.

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