Question about adding more then 4 wired computers to a network

Hey SRK, quick question for all you tech people. My house already has 4 comps wired to a router but we need to add to more desktops. If I wanted to do it without going wireless do I need to buy another router or will a switch do? I’m getting conflicting answers because somebody told me a switch will only allow 1 desktop to share the connection at a time and the other says a 2nd router DHCP will interfere with the first. Any advice is greatly appreciated. :slight_smile:

It might help to describe your setup in more detail. I’m guessing you have a router, and it has only 4 usable ports that are now filled by your 4 devices?

You should be able to get a switch and plug it into one of the ports on your router, then add connections to the new switch. Think of it as just adding more ports to your router.

yup all you need is a switch, or another router used as a switch. You need to uplug one of the computers from the port and plug that into a port into your second switch (not the Wan on the second one)

For that matter you could do it with just a hub, but switches are more efficient and basically the same price anyway.

I have a few Trendnet gigabit switches around the house and they all work rather well for the price and are “green” so they should be more energy efficient. Here’s one from newegg.

another vote here for switch!