Question about Air Recovery, SF4


I noticed on a lot of websites with frame data there is no listing for recovery on air attacks. Is this because you can only do one attack in the air? Or is it because you are fully recovered when you hit the floor? Or some other reason? :open_mouth: thanks guys!



I’m probably wrong, but I think that you can cancel the recovery frames of jumping attack into another normal. I don’t read much frame data but that is my guess at it. Anyone else please feel free to correct me though.


As soon as you land trip guard activates/you’re put into landing frames. Basically your air attack is cancelled into landing frames. So the recovery only happens when you land, your attack doesn’t recover naturally otherwise.

Here’s a quote about it:


It’s because you never really “recover” until you land. You can be hit at any time in the air. maybe.


Right, the recovery is the time it takes you to land. That’s gonna vary depending on how high you were in the air when you started the move.


I thought this thread was about recovering from an attack while in mid air. You got me excited for a bit OP >:(


Neber’s quote sounds about right.