Question about airdash plink H on fight stick



With default lmhs control layout its kinda hard to plink —the way your hand has to shape for it is weird.

I don’t wanna swap up my controls though, I have invested a lot of time with C.Viper getting her combos down and if I do I will be lost with her and she is my main.


not sure if it needed its own thread but what layout are you using? A or B? not that it should matter that much you can plink dash with any attack button you feel comfortable with, even Special attack, so long as you end it with two normal buttons, so :s: ~ :m: + :h: is just as valid as :h: ~ :l: + :m:

some people also assign button binds to the shoulder buttons if it makes it easier for them.


poor Leaf :frowning:

Fission Mailed

@BigOlePappy you should check out Leaf’s Magneto FAQ thread.