Question about Anti Air



Heyo, new to Bison here, not a new player but I’m struggling against certain jump ins, particularly against shoto’s and their silly jump in roundhouse. I know roundhouse is our go to anti air for most cases, but I’ve been in some fights where the player knows exactly the range to jump and seems to beat out my roundhouse everytime clean. I managed to change it up and if I react fast enough cr.HP is pretty awesome but you have to do it really early. I also do pretty well with counter jumping into his mp mp to ultra. But there still seems to be that perfect range of jump in where I get stuffed everytime.

Is there another anti air I’m missing? Or any tips to get these punks from jumping at me all the time when they’re in that apparent sweet spot?


Welcome to one of Bison’s weak points. His AA’s are horribly inconsistent

My advice to get used to using his neutral jump normals to to air to air (namely Also get used to cr.hp timing (this is really good against shoto as even if it trades it is in your favor)


Yep. AA’ing opponants consistently as Bison is all but impossible. Ultra should make it easier with a 10 frame Cr Fierce and a decent J.Mp > Hell attack but it will still be difficult compared to other chars.

P)laying Bison well means accepting your limitations in the AA department and exploiting your advantages in other areas - Footsies for instance.

I know it’s not the answer you wanna hear but it’s how it is. There (currently) is no easy way of AAing ever char in AE2012 as hitboxes and hurtboxes are different in every case.




Bison is very weak in the anti-air department like other have said. A lot of people know this and they will jump on bison like no tomorrow.
I’m going to list some of Bison’s anti-air options

  2. jump forward Mp, Mp
  3. Jump back Mp, Mp
  4. Forward jump HK
  5. Jump back HK
  6. Jump forward HP
  7. Jump back HP
  8. neutral jump HK
  9. Neutral jump MK
  10. Neutral jump HP
  11. backdash
  12. dash forward to go under them
  13. Cr. HP
  14. Teleport
  15. block
  16. Ultra 1
  17. Focus attack forward dash
  18. Focus attack back dash
  19. Ex-psycho

Reading this list one might think Bison has a lot of anti-airs and in fact he does, but the problem lies in the fact all work in specific situations and none are of the “go to” variety. If you have trouble with Ryu’s jump HK go into training mode and see what works and where. might beat Ryu’s jump Hk at the tip but any closer it might get stuffed. If you limit yourself to just and block you are holding your own play back. Try many different buttons and confuse your opponent. Bison does not have a strong anti-air game because Capcom feared he would be too powerful with a good anti-air. One trick I do is i let my opponent jump at me during matches. That way they feel comfortable jumping at me and then I tag them with Jump MP, MP xx ultra to close out a match


Cs. fp, st. fp, and to a lesser extent st. mp all have their anti-air uses.


Crouch Fierce is your button in Ultra, even a trade is good for you. Not too many people are gonna trade with that shit more than once.


go to training mode and record the ryu dummy to jump back and forth with j.HK. This is a good method to practice the cr.HP timing

after you get used to the cr.HP slow 10F startup and shitty hitbox, try fighting against the ryu cpu to focus reacting to his jump-ins fast enough


Note there is a spacing for Ryu’s that cr.hp straight up whiffs. Most of the time that button will be your go to since I never see many try that spacing some reason its basically cross up with that move but just be aware that cr.hp is not 100% effective