Question about arcade/food


Evo this year is going to be held at the Cal Poly Pomona student union, and as you guys have pointed out, it has a game room and a food court. But I checked their website, and everything’s running on a summer schedule, which means that all of them will be closed on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Will something be done to address this?


Can someone please answer this? I think it’s kind of important.


I agree, waiting for stuff at Evo sucked enough, I don’t want to be bored AND starved!


Just so everyone knows what I’m talking about, here’s what I mean:


Oh man…If those places are closed, it’s gonna suck ASS…and they got a Carl’s Jr too! FUCK!


Maybe they’ll setup a little grill or something in the back so they can rape us out the ass for incredibly small portions of food and drink.


how come none of the mods are listening to this? HOW THE HELL ARE WE GONNA EAT? we’ll eat some buttons if we have to live… :mad:


This is a disappointment. :frowning:


They need to get Scott A. to be official Evo chef like he was at B5, I never had a better tasting burger!


OK since this IS a college, I’m assuming there’s going to be places off-campus(but still close) where one could eat. I’m just guessing here, but I’ve never been to any college where there isn’t 10 fast food places surrounding it.


Man it better be close, I have no on campus transportation…gotta bust the GTA skills or something >)<


umm, i’ve been around the area, considering i have friends that used to live on campus housing. The nearest restaurants were off the 57, and they were (in no particular order): wendy’s, carl’s jr, a mexican restaurant, and something that looked like a marie calendar’s. That’s the off campus stuff. Then again, there’re the restaurants around Super Arcade which is about a mile away, and those have Jack in the Box, and Carl’s Jr, along with a few asian places that sell boba.

If the Union’s restaurants are truly closed during summer…there’s no way in hell you can make a food run in the middle of the tourney without losing your place in the pools. my guess is, if the places are closed, you’ll have to go get the food before, or have family/friends that aren’t playing to go get them for you.

how about we make a bus system? A.k.a, pay someone to go get the food, and the change they keep for their troubles. It would be another way for people to make money without having to risk losing at evo.

just my $0.02


That sounds like a great idea.

Have someone make a run to ,say Wendys, give him a $10 tell him what combo meal you want and say “Hey keep the change”. It’s win win for everyone! :smiley:

And it sure beats killing AND eating the weaker tournament attendees. :lol: