Question about arcade machines: Arcade Stick

Atm the moment im having problems using an arcade stick i know it takes time to get accustomed to it. But i was wondering why are the most sticks on arcade cabinets to be controlled by the left hand? This sounds weird i know but then again i do mot of the thngs with my right hand(Im a righty) For instance when using a mouse i use my right hand to contol the mouse cursor using my right hand. I hold a cup with my right hand. I do most of the the thing with my right hand because i got accustomed to it. Like many other people using their left hand to do things in a more controlled manner. Was the man that built the first arcade or stick a left hander? Could someone please bring some light into this for me please.

On pads you also use left hand for control and right for buttons. In an fps, you sort of use left hand for control(WASD) and right for action(aim/shoot).
Tradiontally, left is the “movement” hand and right is the “action” hand in controllers imo. So it makes perfect sense.
And frankly, the thought of using my arcade stick with reversed position on buttons/stick makes me dizzy. But if you want that, then you can just build a custom stick and reverse the positions. Very easy.

Off-topic but related rant:
This is why the stupid “arrows + Z/X” config on many PC games has to go, and be replaced with the glorious “arrows + numpad” config, or even “WASD + G/H”…

Thank you for the replay. I still wonder why left hand though. You said traditionaly, which is most likely very understandable due to why sticks are this way, because the first arcades were built in this manner. I still ask myself why though. Considering before there were any games at all games were to be preferably be played with which tool(hand, foot) you can controll things best. If i were to start playing tennis now for instance i would probably hold the bat in my right hand. But then again professional players hold their bat with bothe hand swinging from side to side. And hitting with the hand that is closer to the ball. So yeah i guess it`s all about learning to a degree where it feels natural.

It just has started that way, possibly for no real reason but it had to be either on the left or right side: few would like buttons below or above the stick, not to mention the front part would need to be bigger that way.

If it helps, Smash TV has two sticks a player, a cab should be cheap by now. :lol:

Mexico has joysticks on the right hand side and buttons on the left.

I always figured it was because 90% of people are right handed and you have less control of your finger on your off hand, maybe its just because i never do it but it seems mentally harder to attempt a kara or p link i on that side trying it at my desk right now, also your thumb and index finder meet up at the light buttons on the right side and at the hard button on the left. Yeah your thumb is all out of place on that side.

Maybe it is like guitar?
Someone said that in a previous Thread like this.

I’m right handed and right handed guitars require you to use your left hand on the fretboard