Question about arcade stick


Hey I just bought an arcade stick (Q4RAF) and after about a week it seems the actual stick is doing strange things, however this may be normal so I wanted to run it past you guys who know what you’re doing.

The two issues I have are:
-Sponginess, when I move my arcade stick fully to the right or up it reaches a stop and then I can actually push it up a bit more, it feels really rubbery.

-A fairly loud clicking and stiffness when I try and nudge it right.

Just wondering what you guys make of this, I haven’t played any games requiring an arcade stick in a few years (mainly due to my old man hands). As I said it’s only about a week or so old so I can probably return it.


Someone else had the same issues with the exact same stick as you.
I wonder if the Sanwa JLF joystick is off alignment from being moved around during shipping or did Qanba recive a bad batch.
Ether way since its only a week old call up the manufacturer and make your claim.