Question about


So I was thinking about ordering a stick off of, but I can’t seem to get a shipping quote out of them without moving too far into the checkout process.
Anyone know the average shipping rate from them?

Im thinking about getting either a Hrap3, or a Hrap3 SA by preordering.

The SA, I THINK, is gonna be comming stateside for the release, so it might be a little cheaper. Else, I dont think amazon would be offering free shipping.

Thanks a ton, JJenkins.


Cost an additional 50-ish just to ship a HRAP3 to Vancouver, B.C. I’m pretty sure they give you pricing on shipping before you actually make payment.


It depends if you are in the states or international. I’ve gone through them using USPS priority and it went for about $30 shipping for a HRAP-EX and a 360 MAS Stick (that’s two seperate orders).