Question about Ascii Stick FT Special for Dreamcast


Does the dreamcast Ascii Stick FT that Is a black base with a white plate and yellow buttons an optical stick, or a microswitch stick?


Amazing… nobody has an answer for this guy???


panzeroceania its not that people do not care, your asking about a rare and obscure fight stick
Not everyone can give you an answer. Best I can do is help look up older threads.

I post some links from other threads, I hope this will help you.

Here is another post jdm714 was kind enough to tell me about, credit goes to him.


To the original poster:
Good chance it has an optical joystick. The vanilla ones do. Reading through the thread above, it looks like most if not all the Ascii Stick FT’s had optical joysticks.

Only way to be sure is to open it up. It should real obvious after you do that.

All the Dreamcast Ascii Sticks with this style base should optical joysticks =>


I wonder if Panz meant the ASCII Stick FT Special: Capcom Version (dreamcast version)at the botton of jdm714’s post


Ascii Optical Only uses Ascii Optical Base. Every other component of the stick is much similar to the JLF or Flash (Shaft, Actuator, Gate) and fits on a JLF mounting plate. My good deed of the day.


Yeah, that’s the one.

I found a Wiki in Japanese that someone made of different arcade sticks released over the years from Japan. All the major console releases in Japan are covered.

The black base, yellow button Ascii FT Dreamcast stick was there… That’s the one Panz was referring to.

Quick read through the thread about opticals and it pretty much says the DC joysticks with bases like that one were all opticals.
Even the Google-translated page I found says that in fractured English.

They’re Japan-only joysticks so the only way anybody could have gotten one in the States would have been to buy from a specialty import shop like NCS or get it imported from Japan direct.


I have one. The Black and Yellow ASCII FT has an octagonal gate and is optical.


thanks for all the feedback guys. I was asking because I’m in the market to buy, the stick I described was listed, and I believe is the Capcom stick but wasn’t listed as such. Thanks for all the feedback, If I’m able to find one I can afford I’ll let you know how it is.

Thank you for looking up the old threads, I had actually looked through one of them already but hadn’t found the information yet. Also, I don’t know if you misread the second post as being mine, but it wasn’t.

I didn’t make any mention of people caring or otherwise. All the same, thanks for the help :slight_smile:


I own the SNK version of the Dreamcast ASCII FT. I remember asking about it here when I did(about 2 years ago IIRC) and someone had told me that they are all optical sticks. I don’t really know the difference between optical and non optical(I’m not too much of an enthusiast to care) but the stick does feel nice with it’s movements.

Although I’m wondering what kind of buttons it uses since they feel really weird when hit. I’m considering switching them out for some Happ Competition buttons.

And btw, I didn’t even know these sticks sold for as much as they do. Hell, the stick alone costs close to $100+?! I bought this thing for only $55.


This is a borderline stupid comment but when I went hunting for one of these I would message the seller and ask them if the joystick clicked. Pretty straightforward way of getting an answer.


When you bought the Ascii FT, you probably got it when there wasn’t the crazy fight stick scene there is now. Yeah, it looks like the market has cooled a bit and not as many sticks are being sold now but there are still collectors and modders looking for limited edition sticks and parts that have been out of production.

Honestly, I can wait for Toodles to finish his optical PCB and get it into production for sale later this year. I’ll pay less or half what other people will pay for out-of-production optical joysticks. Other people won’t wait, and they will pay through the nose to get an optical stick that’s going to have to be modded to work with any of the current or past mainstream PCBs. That’s a little more work than I’d want to do, and frankly I’m okay with clicking noises. They’re not as loud as some people think. A jackhammer is loud!

Yeah, it’s sometimes crazy the value people put on things but they do it because there are enough people willing to pay that price!

We can question other people’s perspectives and the value they put on things but they’ll pay the big money for greebies. Welcome to the half-sane world of collectors!


I agree with you on the clicking noise part. I honestly don’t get why it bothers people so much considering if they ever played at any arcade where there is so much more noise going around.

to tell the truth, I’m considering selling the stick since I’ve just really came to notice that I don’t really use my DC for fighters anymore. Mainly cause I got KOF98UM, KOF2k2UM and Garou on my 360 so the obsolete DC versions have not seen much play since. I still do have some shmups but I can easily play those with a DC controller. I do still have MvC2 on the DC but I’d rather play the 360 version with my friends whenever I visit their houses.