Question about astro/blast city cabs

Ok so I bought a metal control panel intending to mount it into my desk and have a sort of 2 player arcade desk. I’ve since decided its too big of a job since I’m already in the process of making a 1p stick. Anyway, I figured I could just get the bezel from a Naomi/BlastCity/AstroCity/New Net City/egret cab and put the panel/parts/pad pcb’s in that. The question is which of these is which of these have flat undersides so they can sit on a desk/table?

i imagine they all have flat undersides, i think the one someone here has actually used was an astro city bezel though.

I don’t think you can take out the Sega Astro City.
Just the top part be removable.

Shown here on the right is a Sega New Astro City next to Sega Blast City.

You see the top part ajar.

On the Sega Blast City, the thing can be removed.

NotANoob81 used one.

Are you sure the astro doesn’t come off? the one notanoob used had a hinge for the panel that opened toward the monitor. maybe the astro opens away from the monitor?

The bottom base for the Astro does not come off. Only Blast City, Net City, and Naomi Universals can come off. The bottom part of an Astro City is part of the whole machines enclosure.

Yes, I am sure the Sega Astro City does not come off.
The Sega Blast City does.

I typed and showed you pictures.
Linked you to NotANoob81 Thread of him using Sega Blast City too.