Question about backwards/air wavedashing


I know a way to wavedash backwards and in the air is to plink it, and I can do that fine, but I’d like to learn how to air wavedash and backwards wavedash like the pros do. When they wavedash backwards they do it so fast that it looks like their character is almost sliding across the stage backwards without walking, and I also see a lot of players who wavedash in midair with mags/nova/dorm/doom, etc and the characters kinds moves up and down as they air wavedash across the screen. Can anyone tell me how they’re doing that?


Speed up the plink inputs?
That’s the only way really. You can use the macros. Basically they are cancelling a normal into a dash. Just practice it more.


Thanks, I’ll practice it more.


I almost understand, but not quite, can you give an example of this?