Question About Balrogs Ending



Who is the person that Balrog takes during his end cinema (after you complete arcade mode with him)???


Don’t try to understand the Street Fighter story. It will only leave you with headaches and heartbreak. As for your question. I doubt even Seth Killian knows.


It’s his bike money.

No idea…


idk why but i always thought it was rose for some reason but im probably way off


none of the endings make sense,

especially fei-longs, who shanked seth? ibuki?



Or possibly Mr. Burns.


Huh, I thought that I was missing something obvious by not knowing who that kid was, but it seems that nobody really knows.

Having said that, 99% sure it’s Dudley. Balrog trains him to be a boxer and leaves him his vintage car that he bought with his Bike Money. Or something.


its a clone of abel.
Abel was the structure, the main prototype for Seth.




We gonna get a Boxer Abel in Dash? Rog gonna train him, soon we will be able to do Charge Punch -> Roll / Charge Punch -> Command Grab mixups!:rofl:


I think it has something to do with Gill and Urien from SF3, seeing as though chronologically, SF4 is set before SF3 and Gill and Urien are very similar to Seth and Abel

But I doubt that kid could be full grown in about 4 years… SF story makes 0 sense anyway
Hopefully they’ll try to make sense of it in SF4.2

and lol at balrog going through them cabinets wearing his boxing gloves


pml i remember seeing that and wondering if maybe Balrog was born with hands that resemble boxing gloves.


Not like anyone should care about the story. But at the end of the tournament I assumed Dictator died again, and got stuck in a child’s body when he went and soul swapped, why the aura is there.

So Boxer takes him to trade Dictator for bike money, and all ends well for our most beloved boxer.


I don’t see any “evidence” or what not that Dictator dies in the story. Rog is in the room looking for documents or some information he can sell back to Shadaloo for some cash, you see Chun and Guile looking for some data too. Instead he finds a Seth clone and figures out it’s probably the most “expensive” thing in the room, takes the kid to sell to Shadaloo or whoever on the black market.

Dat fight money.


Yeah, he’s probably related to Mickey Mouse and them other Disney characters


The kid is probably an Abel Clone.

An Abel - Boxer hybrid in the the next SF - that would be interesting.

Boxer sells kid to the highest bidder. (Dictator)

Boxer lives life of luxury.


I thought he took the kid to pimp it out for some money after he couldn’t find any???


I thought Capcom was poking fun at this:

Since he’s basically Mike Tyson… why else would it be his lucky day? :shake:

Strong Bad?


thats thinkin like a boxah

just letting you guys know balrog is from the ATL and his favorite rapper is young jeezy…


I thought the kid was an Abel clone ore something, maybe from what I remember it looks like him. And if I’m not mistaken Abel and Seth use a similar face, and that’s a story unto itself.