Question about Bat top's

I’ve been looking online trying to find a two tone bat top for my stick. I’m going to be getting ready to art mod my stick and I wanted to find a two tone black and white bat top. Pretty much just bi sected vertically so white on one half and black on the other. Has anyone seen a bat top like this?

If this has been posted I apologize I didnt find it through the search…

Have never seen a two tone, if you can’t find one buy a white bat top and use the vinyl dye (seems to work on almost any material with exceptions)

When using vinyl dye will tape stop it from bleeding onto area’s you dont want painted? Seeing as it soaks in like stain I wonder if it travels the same?

Duplicolor Vinyl die will peel off a bat top eventually. I know first hand. Experiment with Krylon Fusion.

Cool thanks I was thinking if I painted it it wouldn’t last. Maybe I’ll buy a black and a white one and bisect them then get some epoxy to fuse them together.

battops are slightly textured. tape might not make a water tight seal. you might want to dry liquid tape. treat it as you would regular painting in room. mark your crisp line masking tape, apply liquid tape. peel off masking tape to reveal crisp liquid tape line. apply vinyl dye :slight_smile: