Question about Battle Fantasia PS3

Ok so yesterday I bought a US 40 GB PS3 so I’m wondering will I be able to play the Japanese release of battle fantasia on my American PS3? Also, wondering if the game is any good? I watched some vids of it on youtube and it seemed to be a pretty unique game.

I haven’t played but has a new japanese trailer for the game, good quality


PS3 doesn’t suffer from the region lock disease, so import and play away. This would’ve gone better in the Battle Fantasia>PS3 thread though.

PS3 is region free for PS3 games, so yes.

I’m also wondering if it is any good. it looks unique to say the least. you can download an official vid on japanese ps store online via your ps3.

The japanese didn’t really play it, and they’ll most anything for a while…

The game wasn’t exactly well received.