Question about Battle points


Hey guys, I got to a B ranking with Ibuki and suddenly, when i lost, it would take away 70-something points, but when I’d win, it’d only give me 1 point. I dropped back down to 2 or 3000 and it put me back to a C+ ranking. Then, when id win or lose, it gives or takes whatever it usually is (30-something?) and I got back to a B with 5000.

Now that Im back to a B, its doing the same thing again. Taking like 70 away when i lose and adding only 1 when I win. Im down to 4000 BPs and I dont understand why this is happening. I see guys with 15,000 Bps and i just dont understand how they got there if it only gives you 1 point if you win. Is it just me? I usually get AAA rankings when I win. At the least its ACA. Whats the deal? How can I stop this? Thanks


Don’t quote me on this, but I believe the points given to you afterwards have to do with your opponents rank. What I mean is if you lose to a D ranked opponent it will take away 70 (from what you said). Now if you beat that D ranked opponent it will give you 1 point. Though if you beat a B ranked or high C+ it will give you more. Ofcourse, again I could be wrong on this. The rank system and points award confuse the p*ss out of me with this game. The thing that sucks is you don’t know what your opponent will be ranked. If you’re worried about points though wait 'til you find and beat a high ranked opponent. Then wait for his name to pop up in custom match and reface him. That’s really the best I can help you with. Find a couple people like that and you should be good.


Your point gain/loss is relative to the grade of people you’re playing. If you lose to low ranked people, you lose a lot of points. If you beat them, you gain few. The opposite is true for winning or losing against higher ranked people. Also, your “ranking” IE, AAA ACA etc is totally irrelevant to anything.

BP/PP is pretty meaningless too though. Just have fun with online. If you really want to get good, you’re much better off finding locals to practice with.


If you lose to people with less points you lose lots of points.

If you lose to people with similar amount of points, you lose average points.

If you lose to someone with significantly more points than you, you lose 1 point.

The opposite is true if you win.

If you want to be on top, you just have to stop losing. lol

It’s hard to not lose if you’re not playing all the time. I’m #3 Chun in BP on PSN and had 5,500 PP when I played regularly over the Summer. But now that school started, I play differently and much much less so I lost about 1,000 PP. BP is still going up, so I feel that it is the less important factor.

So, yeah just have fun! Learn from training mode and problem solving and frame data and playing with friends.


BPs = Skill level = Life = Penis Size


You’ll bounce back and forth between B and C+ until you stop losing (as much).


i lost a shitload of points with my dhalsim once i went to B class.
i also got a stick the same week and was practicing with it. im better now but yeah i was getting my ass kicked and im like at low 3k. i dont really care anymore i just like to have fun with the game. the class rankings are stupid.


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idk for me i never lose bp if i lose but always lose pp if i lose so im not sure wtfisgoingon but youll be straight if you stop losing.


Most lower ranking players play very differently than the higher rankings. It can be easy to lose to them if you give them way too much credit they deserve. If they are a lower rank than you, you should take caution on how they play. Some can be reckless, mashing attacks and specials making it hard to read an opponent. Treating a lower rank (I mean real low) like he’s Daigo or someone can cost you a match because when you think you pusnished him enough for wiffed Dragon Punches, he doesn’t stop and you take a ton of damage on a bad guess which seemed good.

Don’t underestimate your lower ranked opponents but just take caution and read them carefully. And you should’nt lose your matches againts them. but be very careful of the bluffers, if they are using a character with extreamly low BP but very high PP, usually means they main someone else but probably are competent enough to play the character your facing. I fought a mirror match againts a Chun Li player like this and this guy was all pro. I barley got by and barley won the match, I never been put on notice so fast in my life.