Question about Blazeblue te stick


Hey guy,
I Just want to know, what’s the difference between the Blazblue te stick and the other te sticks?

Other than the art Ofcourse. Lol
Would u folks recommend it?



The BlazBlu stick is virtually identical to the R1 and R2 Mad Catz TE’s… Not sure if it has the revised PCB in it or not. The Chun-Li joystick should.

If you like the artwork go for it, otherwise it’s pretty much the same as the others.

You might want to Google Mad Catz TE to find the other threads that talk about the differences between the various TE releases. Some of the later releases (probably the BlazBlu and Chun-Li sticks) also enable locking of the Start/Select buttons so that they don’t accidentally get de-pressed during play.


Yeah, parts are still the same (stick and buttons). Though the 360 version has that stupid Hori layout. v.v;

I guess it makes sense for a blazblue player though.


no not really, your drive and your a button are still swapped around

thank god bb’s still got that gdlk controller mapping in character select

its pretty much the same but novelty collector blaybloo-ness


So what buttons are switched around?


just swap the layout for the standard madcatz layout

you’ll be glad you did

x y rb rt
a b lb lt


I’m thinking about pick up a BlazBlue stick too. Thank god the PS3 version has the ‘normal’ layout.


not like layout even really matters for blaybloo anyways

stay gdlk bb button mapping


Well im getting the ps3 version.
Does the start and select button lock on this stick?

AmaZon has this for 130 right now. Cheaper than any other te.
Why is that? I though this was very limited


it’s 170 after shipping and taxes…and it’s says that you have wait 1-2 months for shipment…ew.


Hey Chuu,
It’s on not ca

I just ordered it. It says estimated shipping
On 16 march


BlazBlue: Continuum Shift Fightstick Tournament Limited Edition:Amazon:Video Games


i see…you got the PS3 one, it’s the 360 stick that i’d have to wait 1-2 months to get.


i like how the 360 one looks. white looks nice


i like the white case, i just hate the four buttons that have to follow the microsoft scheme…those would get swapped out and thrown out the window even before i plugged it into the xbox lol…


Yes, the lock switch does indeed lock both start & select. Someone on Amazon’s customer review posted this info.


Thanks Nucking! I honestly didnt even read the amazon reviews. I rather talk the good folks at SRK. :slight_smile:
You ppl never street me wrong.

BTW Chuu, the 360 Blazblue stick is now shipping right away


Ya, no prob! I usually read the reviews on there randomly, LOL!


I actually bought a BlazBlue TE last week… if u saw my thread the next page
I somehow got disappointed tho, it doesnt feel the same as my frd’s first gen TE, everything seems looser, I also read that BlazBlue somehow has a dip in quality…
Also one of my button suddenly stops working after some time of gameplay, tried switching the buttons, but problem still exist, madcatz also wont pay for my shipping since I bought it from Amazon.
Might just be my stick.
But overall It still is a good stick (I’m planning to custom change all the buttons+joystick later)
Shipping was reallly fast too
Have fun with ur new stick :slight_smile:


sorry to hear that Calib. But honestly, faulty TE sticks are nothing new! lol
I have had a total of 4 te sticks. 2 of them were not working out of the box (round 1 and 2). Lucky I got a replacement fairly easily.

I guess people talk about pcb issues with madcat te sticks for a reason.

As for my blazblue te stick. UPS made a delivery attempt today and I wasnt home. So i’ll pick it up tomorrow and post about its functionality.

Good luck with your replacement stick Salib