Question about blocking state



How come sometimes you can be blocking and press buttons but your character continues to block? I’m a noob, I understand some concepts, I was just curious about this one. My heart tells me it’s like a block animation(string?) and even if you press buttons during it you won’t break block all of a sudden. Please confirm or deny. Thanks and fight on!


I believe what you are referring to is called “blockstun”. When you block an attack it keeps you in a blocking state for a certain amount of frames based on which attack you blocked.

Still trying to wrap my head around some of these concepts, so someone correct me if I’m wrong.


it is one of either 2 things.

blockstun: youre stunned so you cant do anything, not even release blocking. all games have this.

autoblock: you block an initial attack of a string and the game continues to block for you. some games have it, some dont.