Question about Bruce Banner (Marvel)

Do his transformations into the Hulk have any relation to his normal form’s build/calorie requirements? Is he in great muscular shape without lifting weights, and does he sometimes need to eat a lot after becoming the Hulk, or after returning to normal?

#1. No
#2. average weight and build
#3. No, his transformation to/from Hulk has no bearing on his normal form as far as I know.

i dont really follow hulk but didnt it at one point in time affect his age acceleration or somethin like that or was it just the different takes from the artist?

might have

but basically
as little or as much as banner actually works out or eats right, hulk will still be strongest

I don’t think Hulk even needs to eat at all…breathe even (he supposedly adapts rapidly to any environment, I know he survived in space in some issues) the only stipulation is that he remains angry.

just read hulk the end
he basically is the last thing alive on the planet and banner is basically living on bugs and plants

That story sounds dope i gotta check that out

Hulk The End was awesome. PAD baby! Best Hulk writer ever. :woot: