Question about buffering for Ruys Shoryuken cancel to Super

i cant seem to get it. and want to know what i can get away with in buffering to really get this cancel down.

okay so normal:
:dp: :mp: (cancel into) :qcf::qcf::hp:

This is what im trying and not really succeeding with (maybe 1 in 10):
:f::d::df: + :mp: + :d::df::f::hp:

Is this the right way to do it? its so fast that i struggle with the timing of the punch buttons. plus the QCF motion after initiating the DP has to be done sooo quickly.

basically my questions is this correct? is there a better way?,

hope you can help

its right. you’re probably just doing it too slowly.

just make sure you hit the HP for the super after :f: and not :df:

Your either doing the super motion too slowly or hitting the HP button too early.

What I do is :f::d::df: :f::d::df::mp: :hp:
Essentially, just buffer two shoryuken motions and then you can just double tap two punches after. It works 90% of the time for me.

Practise the super motion over and over again. You’ll get it eventually