Question about building a stick yet again


I got the paewang PCB from canadian joysticks along with 12 buttons and this thing right here.

A wire harness combo.

I already know that the JLF harness goes into the joystick then into the PCB (the up down left right white boxes or something), I know the 8 extra wires are 4 grounds and 4 signals that go into the turbo/start/back/home buttons, but then comes the button harness.

It has 8 grounds and 8 signal wires, but it also has a 9-pin connector. I have no idea what to do with this. I can stab the slots of the PCB and it just falls out. Do I have to stab it and keep it secure by sodering or something? There’s no tutorial for this on google for some reason, and I didn’t get a manual with my purchase.


lol, yes you do solder it in there.


Could you maybe elaborate more? Like should I insert the 9pin through the slots from the top of the pcb or bottom?


Take a look at the first post (CTRL+F for [Wiring]): Paewang Revolution (Mayflash) Modding Tutorial ver. Laugh [Lots of pictures]
Which side doesn’t matter, though I like to maintain a separate “parts side” and “solder side” when I can, so I’d keep the 9pin on top. Regardless of which side, the pinout will be the same.


So let me ask you one more final question, does soldering contribute to making it work? Or just securing it? I plugged in my PCB and just inserted the 9-pin for kicks and tried it out and the button wasn’t really registering.


Oh I see so you just lay it flat on the surface of the where the buttons are on any side and just solder it? You don’t really stab it downwards or upwards?


Admittedly I’ve never used that harness for a Paewang (I just lurk hardcore and basically read every how-to thread on SRKTT) but you could either lay it flat or let it stick out straight up and solder through the holes on the bottom, assuming it fits through. Electrically it’s the same thing.


I think I’ll just lay it flat since that is what Laugh did lol.

Thanks a bunch for linking that tutorial, I guess there was indeed a tutorial on the internet.


Missed your earlier question, the solder both secures it and makes the electrical connection to the appropriate points on the PCB.

I believe unless a through-hole trace on a PCB is made as a “via”, it only conducts on the top and bottom of the PCB and not on the inside. Unless you had laid the 9pin in it and gotten it to touch the outer rim of the traces touching the hole, for every single connection on it, then it very likely wouldn’t register everything (or anything), like you saw. Normal behavior, in other words.


Ahh ok. That makes total sense. Thanks for the information dude.