Question about bumpers on Fightpad

So guys I have decided to drop playing on a stick. Its not that Im not used to it or anything cos I have played a lot on it. I just would rather have something small and compact that is easily portable. So I began using my Xbox 360 pad and can do walking electricity with Blanka fairly consistently.

I was going to buy a Fightpad, and I have a couple of questions about it. See on the XBox 360 controller I have the left bumper mapped to mp, and the right bumper mapped to 3 x P. When doing electricity i used my right thumb on X, right pointer finger on RB, and left pointer finger on LB. The bumpers click easily without much pressure.

I used to own a fightpad back in 08 and I THINK the bumpers were stiff and needed some pressure to click. I feel this might make doing electricity much harder since it will take time to click. However, I dont know if I am recalling this correctly or not. So my question is, how stiff are the bumpers on a Fightpad, compared to the Xbox360 controller?can they be clicked with ease or do you have to apply decent pressure on them?

EDIT: I am talking about the Round 1 fightpad( Blanka). But if the Round 2 ones are better I will buy those instead. Better solution! :wink: This stick is only like 50% larger than an xbox pad (if that)

Other 'n that no idea what you could do since I hated the xbox controller for fighting games.

I have round 1 and 2 pads, they are identical and the bumpers do require some pressure to press. 3-4 times harder than the default xbox pad(which I also have) bumpers. If you have a decent PC or PS3, you can use the Fighting commander 3 pro from hori, they are easier to press and it has some nice options. It can be dual modded to work on xbox360 but its $$$ for custom mods.

Thanks guys. Ellipsen, I play on PC so Im going to look into the Fighting Commaner pro

Ellipsen, how does the dpad feel? does it feel comfortable with charge characters? i really like the fact that it has 6 buttons and both bumpers. But I am a little concerned about the dpad. It looks really stiff.

Dpad is slightly smaller and stiffer than a madcatz pad, but because of this I can dash cleaner/faster input on it than my mcz pad which gets very soft after use. I would say it is a bit stiffer than the crappy default xbox pad but not so stiff that it is clicky(like mcz bumpers)

The adjustments make down-backing easier and it is easier to do charge d-b ultras on in the default settings as well. The L-R top button switch thing is great.

so for a charge character, which pad is better?

Also from what I gather, the bumpers are easier to use on the Hori pad, right? Do you think doing electricity (consistenly) on the madcatz pad is possible. Im not sure if you play blanka or not, but could do try and do cr. lk, electricity (hp, mp, lp, mp, lp) with lk mapped to A, lp mapped to X, HP mapped to the right bumper, and MP mapped to the Left bumper.

The reason I want to know if cos im a huge Blanka fan and I would really like to get the Madcatz pad if possible. Also with the madcatz pad I will be able to use it on my 360 for Marvel and SFxT

FYI SFxT is coming to the PC as well. Dunno if you know that already but I figured if you play SF4 on PC but are getting SFxT on Xbox you might not.

Dpad is fine.I want to get one