Question about buttons from China


I’m on eBay searching for 8 sanwa black 30mm and came across these does anyone have experience with these? 181236212368 a lot of ten for 9.99 free shipping seems to good to be true are they legit. So sorry if this is the wrong place.


I was trying to post a pic for visual but can’t for some reason they’re made by Baolian thanks n advance.


some sellers do knock off parts that are difficult to tell apart

if your using a set of sanwa buttons, say for a year, they will be broken in nice, and when you get new ones they feel a little different, so if you go agead order these, they could be real or could be counterfeits and you will always have that doubt in the back of your head.

and then you may just go and buy another set from a reputable dealer just to avoid any doubts

just spend the extra first time round


Thanks, I was leaning towards waiting because by my funds being limited I have to do it right the first time. I can’t afford buyers remorse!


Buyer’s Remorse is much more expensive than if you just spent the extra $$$ the first time around to get what you wanted originally.


@moonchilde agreed wholeheartedly sir.