Question about Buttons

So i have a TE2 ps4 fightstick. Last month i went to Defend the North and purchased 4 buttons. I swapped them out on the stick so i had the top row(new buttons) and bottom row(default madcatz) Apparently they were very cheap as the clamps on the sides of the buttons have either broken off or have become stuck. So currently i have 2 on the top row loose and 1 on the bottom. My first question is Is it normal for buttons to break this easily? I barely use the stick this occurred due to me popping them out to change the artwork. 2nd. I planned to buy translucent red and black buttons. Does anyone know a company that sells higher quality buttons that wont break so easily

It’s a common problem if you’re not uber gentle with snap-in type buttons, or you’re just really unlucky, or both. Screw in buttons are “better” (for lack of better adjective) for the most part since if a button breaks you can replace a button, and if the nut breaks you can replace the nut. Only seimitsu makes clear screw-ins though (PS-14-KN for 30mm or PS-14-DNK for 24mm); Sanwa screw ins (OBSN-30 or OBSN-24) are all opaque.

EDIT: I forgot to mention this, but even though they’re also snap in type, GamerFinger (HBFS-G2) buttons are really durable. They’re a bit of a pain to swap out though.

Just to be sure, you did remember to swap the little plexi ring from the old buttons to the new ones right?