Question about Caesar's Palace


That isn’t the real Caesar’s Palace is it? Like, did Caesar live there?


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I wish I had enough posts to give you negative rep for beating me to this.


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I’m hoping there’s gonna be a evo discount for the rooms. Because as of now, the cheapest room is $1040 for 4 for 6 days (7-7 to 7-12).


I just went to their site and checked for the 9th 10th and 11th and it only came to 500$. Dunno where you’re getting those prices. The only thing that showed up that high was the executive and royal suite.

And I’m almost certain there will be discounts. I can’t remember going to any event like this for anything where there’s not a discount for the people attending the event.


Just checked with the link you gave me. Price went down to $740, same situation. But I’m gonna wait and compare it to the evo prices.

edit: NVM, yea the price is still the same for me. I forgot to add 4 people to my room. The difference is, Your booking for 3 days and one person. I’m doing it for 4 people and 6 days.


tropicana is a 10-15 minute walk away and usually has rooms for 150-200 a night at most. I go to vegas 3-4 times a year (so im not exactly an expert), good (ie cheaper) rates on the strip are usually at:

tropicana, imperial palace, and excalibur (which kinda sucks)

my personal favorite of these is the imperial palace, its not super nice, but it gets the job done and I can do a weekend in vegas for about $250 if im sharing the room with friends.

also, Venetian rooms are expensive, but have enough room to sleep around 8 people if you cuddle up, so you can stay in a swanky place for a decent price by splitting the cost.


Tropicana is a piece of shit hotel. Anyone who went to Evo2k8 will agree with me.


LULZ. Yeah…Tropicana is an iconic hotel but it’s pretty much grimey as far as Vegas hotels are concerned. I didn’t feel too ballin in Vegas that year. Rio was definitely a step up and had a ridiculously awesome ballroom and casino floor. The rooms weren’t bad but still weren’t up to the quality that was Red Rock. The rooms at Red Rock made you feel like you had a ton of money. Red Rock in general made you feel like you had a ton of money. I didn’t spend much of any…but at least I felt that way.


as in cee zer’s puh law chay?


I can agree that Tropicana is a piece of shit, and Excalibur isn’t much better. If you are going to stay on that part of the strip, stick with New York, New York or MGM.


Or you could stick with the Cesar’s Palace.


this is the palace in AC, NJ right? Let me ask before I get excited for no reason.

Never, mind. Its the one in Las vegas


There will be an Evo discount rate for rooms at Caesar’s Palace. I encourage everyone to book through Evo once we have the promotion codes available. The rate the hotel charges Evo is dependent on the number of rooms our attendees book, so booking through us is a win/win for you and Evo.


Do you want Evo 2011 to stay on the strip? If yes, then book at Caesar’s Palace.


:lol: I’d have a real quick trip there if that was the case. Evo is West Side son.

Might as well list that in bold on the first page of the eventual hotel thread.


Make sure you stay in the newer towers… the palace tower is garbage. 8/10 if you are not a player of the hotel, then you will get the shit end of the stick. Money hella talks in Caesar’s Palace, so please tip your front desk agents in a prayer you don’t get the shit rooms.


The truth will set you free. Tropicana was shit. I stayed 6 nights and 5 of those mornings I had **no hot water. ** This is in bold because fuck Tropicana.

Id expect evo room rates to fall around the usual price, 130-170 for friday/saturday, and a little cheaper on the weekdays.

Either way, If you do not book the Evo Block hotel rooms, Evo will not be on the strip. There is no substitute for being in the same hotel as the event. The advantages may not be obvious if this is your first Evo, but I would never recommend saving a couple bucks (it would have to be a massive savings, 200+) over being where the tournament is.