Question about candy cabinets

Hi, I am new to arcade cabinets, especially japanese cabinets and had a question.

I noticed there was cabinets made for mvs and some for jamma setups. Can an MVS neo geo cabinet be set up to play jamma setups such as cps 2 and cps 3? If they can is it difficult/worth it to set it up and how would it be done? What are the differences between different cabinets and are certain cabinets made for certain games?

I ask because it seems that the mvs cabinets are easier to find/cheaper than the ones made for cps setups.

Thanks for the help

If the MVS cab is Jamma (should be) then yes you should be able to.

Yes and no. You can run 'em, you’ll still need a kick harness and the audio will only be in mono on the left side AFAIK.