Question about Capcom CPS2 Phoenix Jamma boards

I’ve been buying Capcom CPS2 Jamma boards for some time now and I was wondering about the Phoenix edition. I heard that in the Phoenix editon of Alpha 3, you don’t need to replace the suicide battery. Well I have an Alpha 3 board already and I was wondering if I could change my Alpha 3 board into a Phoenix edition or do I have to buy another Alpha 3 board that is a Phoenix edition? On the outside both the regular Alpha 3 and the phoenix edition look exactly the same. Anyone out there know how this works? Thank you.

phoenix edition is modified romset that removes the suicide battery function. so technically, its a hacked rom. its just hacked to the point the encryption is removed making the suicide battery unneccesary and the board wont die out. currently theres only one person that can do this

Actually, there are others who can do the same work.

They fall into two categories. One, and these are very rare(I can think of two people, one of which is Razoola, who did the pioneering work on the Phoenix-ings), are people who have decrypted the CPS2 ROMs themselves and are willing to burn you replacement ROMs in exchange for your now dead ROMs. The other just copy the Phoenix’d or otherwise decrypted roms.

I only mention this because there are folks on eBay who have been advertising the specific Phoenix edition fix and guess what? They’re not Razoola. but I’ve been told of some other guy who DOES do legitimate decrypting work that isn’t Razoola, so, there you go.

hmm thought raz was the only one, interesting

Thanks for the info guys. So where can I find Razoola and you think he will do it for me? I have six games. Thanks.

He will do it, but he does charge for the service. The easiest way to reach him is either the forums. There is an email address of on the UniBios page you can also try.

You will want to open up the boards and remove the PROM chips to send to him. You can probably send the whole board, but it’d be a waste of shipping money. Ask him.

Dang, I found out that Razoola is from Finland. Does anyone know other people who Phoenix in the United States or near Southern California? Thank you.


But Raz is hip to the idea.

However, shipping to Finland isn’t that bad.

I did this myself with my dead A3 board. Anyone can do it if they have a suitable EPROM burner. Some Phoenix Edition roms are availbale on the net if you search hard enough. If your board isn’t already dead though, I don’t recommend phoenixing it, just change it’s battery and keep the game original.

How would you do that? It sounds complicated. Thanks.

Open the board, remove the EPROMs and then erase them. Insert them into the programmer and write the Phoenix Edition roms onto them. Now put them back into the board and remove the old battery. That’s it.

Are they EPROMs or EEPROMs?



No, it’s EPROMs.

changing the batteries on CPS2 is really easy though and there is a relatively low failure rate on these if done properly. Personally, I would at least try to change the battery yourself first, if you kill the game accidentally then you could send it off for the phoenixing by Raz. If you ever want to re-sell the boards, phoenixed boards are less desireable for collectors who are willing to pay the bucks. On the other hand they may sell easier because most people cant be bothered with the whole battery issue, just wont sell for as much as the original un-phoenixed boards.

So the chips have windows and I’d need a UV box to erase them?

I haven’t opened them up personally, but the pictures at the bottom of the CPS2Shock page look a lot more like EEPROMs then EPROMs.

Yes, exactly. You only need to reprogram some of the program roms depending on which game it is, the sound and graphics roms are left untouched.

So its not a good idea to get all my boards phoenixed. It really is better to keep the board as an original? That’s what I’m reading so far.

Question about the Alpha 3 board:

When I put my Alpha 3 board in to test it today, the game came out “dirty”. You know like in the old NES days when you put in your cartridge in the system and the images are not clean but like there are vertical lines going down the screen. Why does it do this. Can it be fixed? Thank you.