Question about Capcom CPS2 Phoenix Jamma boards

ni8wing: the vertical lines means there is a connection problem. the pins arent making proper contact or something. do any other boards cause this when hooked up to the same A board? if so, its the A board.

make sure pins arent bent or anything

Burning Vigor - what model is your EPROM burner, which allows to duplicate the ROMs that CPS-II use?

About a month ago, I saw a listing on ebay for someone offering Phoenix EPROM service here in the U.S. I don’t see the listing now, but I recall they had a web site, so maybe a google search will net something. It was pretty inexpensive…something like $20 for a set.

You will need the 16 bit adapter

Like Sabre said, vertical lines in my experience just meant the connection isn’t tight. Clamp it down tighter - that should usually fix it.

Hey guys quick question: What is the method for accessing the phoenix ROM setup menu? I can’t remember it off hand.

Press the test button while the Phoenix splash screen is displayed as I recall.

Thanks! I am new to owning arcade gear. Its so obvious I should have realized that its just test during the logo. :smiley: