Question about certain combos in USF4

I’ve been messing around with the trials in USF4 recently and realized that a lot of combos require you to hit a tatsu/uppercut/fireball after 2 or 3 jabs/shorts.
I have a hard time pulling said combos off, the special move does not want to come out quite often.
I assume the last jab/short has to hit meaty in order to get said special move out?

I figured out that when I do the axe kick > jab > jab > tatsu with Evil Ryu on Rufus, I have to delay my second jab to make the tatsu come out. After understanding that, I’ve been able to do that combo rather consistently.
I just want to make sure that my idea of these “light” combos is correct :slight_smile:

You basically figured out the answer yourself. Some light attacks “chain” into eachother, when a light attack is chained you cannot cancel into a special from it. So the obvious answer is to make them not chain by delaying them, thus making them a “link”. Why this artificial executional barrier was added…i dont know.

A “meaty” attack is an attack that will hit with its later active frames, essentially giving you more frame advantage. To do a meaty you try it on an opponent their wakeup, timing it early so the later frames will connect. Another way is by spacing it, doing a normal which moves forward slightly you can make it connect late. There are also certain combos made possible by due to the spacing and reelback animation if the opponent getting hit. This is all extremely specific and situational stuff. In general the term meaty is used in context of performing an attack on the opponent their wakeup which forces them to block or do a risky invincible attack.
Just thought i would clarify that.

Btw most trial combos are impractical, they are meant to showcase the possibilities of the combosystem and getting yiur creative juices flowing and they are supposed to be challenging. Most combos people hse are easier and more practical.

Yea, I know they are mostly impractical. I just like to test my execution every now and then.
To be fair, I only did trials because European Endless Lobbies are rather rare to find right now, at least when I’m online, and I don’t want to just play Ranked.
I really hope that SF5 has Endless Battle as an option for online play.

Of course it will. Why wouldn’t it? It’s been a staple in every FG for about a decade. Plus, there was a tab for it in beta, you just couldn’t select it yet.