Question about color


I’m about to start working on a comic book as a color artist. I was wondering if this would be a good way of coloring it. Everyone seems to be using photoshop and illustrator to color their work now and I know enough about it to be able to use it well, but would like to start using color pencils again. The people working on this book could care less what I use, so I’m asking you to help me with this. Here are a few that I’ve done. The Abbey Chase is FAN ART!!! I just patched her up so I could put it in the school art gallery my junior year.


This is one of my own characters…

Sweet would rip this character apart lol! Just coming back out of my “anime phase” …this is from a year ago when I was still in it.



for me to post them here, I have to do it at a low quality setting… I’d still probably have to go into photoshop and smooth them out a bit though. Again, this is fan art from Gunsmith Cats. Not original work.