Question about Combo Creation

I’m trying to learn some new characters combos and I was curious is there a method or formula in creating a combo and figuring them out on my own? What I mean by this is can I look at a character’s frame data sheet and be able to figure out a combo using it? For example: lets say I look at akuma’s frame data sheet and find out his cr.jab gives me lets say +5 frame adv on hit, then his cr.strong has a start up of 4 frames. Could I make a combo where he jabs twice, links the second cr. jab into cr. strong then cancel it into a special? And if this is a good formula to find out combos could I do it with any character or is there a better method?

Any help is greatly appreciated :slight_smile:

Honestly I just do the trials and find the basic target combos in there.

From there I go into training mode, practice those, figure out where the links are, and try to change things up. Star with a light punch, try to connect things to it, and see how far you can go. Trial and error. There’s a lot of simple ones you can do that are effective. Just remember, the less hits you do, the more damage potential you have.

Yes Shin_Akuma, exactly what you said is a great way of finding combos, and just by trying to figure out frame data you will get a better understanding of the game too. If you learn exactly how damage scaling works you can even calculate the damage and stun before doing the combo.

Any move that starts up as fast or faster than the hit-stun lasts might be able to combo. However, sometimes the moves will push your opponent too far away for it to work, or the hitboxes wont line up, so the only way to know for sure is to test it out. If you consider counter-hits (+1 for light attacks and +3 on everything else) or meaties (hitting on the end of the active frames, thereby increasing relative hitstun), you might discover difficult combos that very few people know about.

Yes, but read this:sonic hurricane dot com Avoiding the Frame Data Trap

Frame data dictates the possibility of a link. There are other factors to consider though. Counter hits give moves more frame advantage, bringing the existence of combos that were otherwise impossible to do. Fadc is another way to extend combos. You have to add in dash frame data into the equation to formulate combos using the fadc method. Juggles and resets are also areas of interest when formulating combos.

Maximizing damage potential should be on the forefront of your venture if it is practicality you seek. Awareness of damage scaling is vital depending on the situation and what your mid-game goal is. On the other hand, characters like Seth profit off of stun a little more. That is debatable though. Anyway I hope that put things into perspective or atleast was coherent lol.