Question about Combo Video Intros


Hey guys, long time lurker, first time poster. I have a serious question:

You know how lots of fighting game combo videos (like some of snoooootch’s videos) have that opening where a fighting game character jumps out in front of a black background, does an attack, then a username appears, and then it fades to black or whatever?

Is there some kind of specific program that allows you to easily make those animations or are people just making them from scratch in something like Flash or ToonBoom? if it’s the former, can someone give me the link? I searched for other threads about this, and I can’t find any. I even googled this multiple times, but all I found was some Third Strike sprite websites and stuff like that. Help?


Sprite rips and some kind of editor is common
Flash can be used but it isn’t the only way to go. Also look into actual video editors (not the crap that comes free with Windows or Mac OS).

Other people record video of a game in progress and black out everything but the character on the screen.

Problem is there is no one way to go about doing this and there is a sizable amount of investment required for the licensing for the software needed