Question about controls

Hello everyone. Recently I have been thinking about buying a PS3/360. Basically the only thing that stops me is the control of both consoles. What do you think might be the best control for Marvel Vs. Capcom 3, the new Mortal Kombat game, and other fighters? It’s the 360 controller good for fighting games?

Thanks for all.

A joystick.

What are you used to using?

I would say a pad isnt a bad start but a stick is the real deal. Atleast imo

If you want a console for pretty much playing fighers, don’t base it on what controller it comes with. And if you like a pad more than a stick(for some reason :smiley: ) get one of those madcatz fight pads or similar

Of curse a fighting Pad would be great, but do not sell them here, at least not for now. Obviously I would start with the control console.

so basically my question is: what control do you think would be best for MarvelvsCapcom3, the DS3 or the 360 controller? assuming their experiences with other fighting games for these consoles.

Here is the control scheme for the 360 version, if you have not seen:


joystick FTW!

Joystick > Pad in terms of raw hardware, not to mention the bonus that you can use identical (or even the same, with mods) controllers on all consoles.

if you actually want your question answered the DS3’s pad is far superior to the 360’s for fighting games by far.

not unless you play with Zangief or T. Hawk. I find the 360 pad very good with those characters …and Im a stick player btw.

I second this. I even find the PS3 controller to be superior to fight pads.

I cannot STAND the PS3’s d-pad. I find the 360’s is much nicer. Though, the only d-pad I’ve ever liked is the Logitech Precision’s d-pad for PC. The controller should not be your deciding factor. You won’t regret getting an arcade stick. If modding scares you, get a TE. If modding doesn’t scare you (trust me, it’s easy…) get an SE and mod it with new buttons and joystick :slight_smile:

I prefer DS3 pad myself and went to bigcamera and picked this up

Hey, thanks for yous views about the controllers question. Of curse, i agree with all that a arcade stick is much better, but the question controller is only for a few days.

Holy shit that’s it’s awesome! thanks.