Question about corner unblockable on Remy

To start heres what im doing: cr.f,mk. tackle,mk. tackle xx lp ar,jump into character,dash partition rh. kneedrop

Now my question is,is there any trick to getting the second mk. tackle to land?I hit it every now and again,but its not consistant enough.Would it be easier as far as having time to charge the second tackle if i started with lk. tackle?lk. tackle comes out faster so my theory is it would hit as early as possible and launch higher…however im unaware as to whether or not mk. tackle actually launches higher or not.At any rate,any tips for getting this combo down would be great and or other options until i get better at it.On that note ive had rather good success with cr.f,lk. tackle,ex. tackle,lk. tackle xx lp. ar,jump into character,dash partition rh. kneedrop.Is that a good thing to stick with until i can get the second mk. tackle to land consistantly?

Thanks in advance,Wrath

It’s not something easily done on remy for starters, just practice more. There’s a trade off between LK or MK tackle, if you use LK, you can get him higher since you’ll hit the character earlier on the fall, but you won’t have as much time to charge the second tackle, and vice versa if you start with MK tackle. Also using LK tackle on the second hit sometimes doesn’t connect because it doesn’t go deep enough to actually get into the characters hit box when he’s falling.

But regardless, all that is pretty much crap, lol. All of it is based on how good you time the first tackle after you launch so you can have more time to charge the second tackle, regardless of which one you use. just practice more and concentrate on getting the timing right on the first tackle after the launch, that’s your best bet

i posted this in the other double tackle thread

remy is one of the harder people to double tackle but he sucks so you can usually forgoe learning it for him until you’re better.

Thanks for the tips,guess its back to the practice heh.I usually know thats the answer,but I always have to check and see if there’s a trick to it.Your input is much appreciated