Question about Counter-Hit Animation ( SFV )


Hey all,

I’ve been watching videos and looking through some replays for Street Fighter V, and there is something I noticed recently that is a bit strange to me. And it is this: whenever a “Counter Hit” is scored, I never actually see the animation of the receiving player start up.

My understanding is that a “Counter Hit” will be registered if Player A’s attack connects during the startup frames of Player B’s move. To me, that seems like I should actually see the first few frames of startup ( Player B winding up their arm/leg ) animating before they get interrupted by the hit. But what I see visually is, it looks like Player B just sat there, and then all the sudden got slammed by a huge hit and “Counter Hit” pops up on the screen.

I have tried scrubbing back and forth on the timeline to see if I am just missing the animation, but that’s always how it looks to me. Am I just blind, or do they do something funky to the animation states in a Counter Hit scenario?


Counterhit means you perform an attack and its active frame will hit the startup frame of another attack. What happens is that you will beat out the early startup frames of a move, you can hardly see the animation of that unless you slow it down frame by frame. If you perform a “meaty” then you won’t see the startup of the opponent their move as you beat the 1st startup frame of the opponent. It literally beats the first frame so you won’t even see it coming out.

You sometimes cnas ee the startup of a move and yours colliding and you gettgin a counterhit, this happens with moves that have slower startup frames.You can hardly see it happening with moves that have a fast startup because once they are active you can’t counterhit them anymore.