Question about cr.forward

I know you can cancel cr.forward to super but is it possible to link it? I read/heard a while back that chun’s cr.forward could be cancelled or linked, rly late. Or is it just a late cancel?

Cancel only. If there was a low move with that much range that’s +4 on hit, I think most of us would quit 3S. It does have the strange un-3S-like property of being cancellable some way into the recovery animation though. I came across that by watching a vid in slow-mo.

You can link Chuns UOH into cr. MK super.

Yes you can cancel it late enough to the point thats its VERY hit confirmable. Dunno why Gaijinblaze couldn’t just say that. And there are other late cancels in the game so I wouldn’t call it un-3s-like