Question about cross-up tatsu (sweep)

I tried searching for this, but I found nothing, so sorry if this is somewhere already.

But for me personally to become a complete Akuma player, there are only two things I really haven’t mastered that I work on a daily basis to get down.

One is fireball > focus cancel > BnB (U2 - whatever). I can do the fireball alone, but after a ( isn’t natural yet. Took me forever to get down the SRK>cancel>red fireball, so I am guessing I will eventually get this.

Lastly, is the cross-up tatsu.

Now I have heard that this works only on some characters and not all, but I never seem to hit him with the cross-up tatsu consistently.

What am I looking for here?

Is it s a light, medium or Tyra Banks (fierce) tatsu?

When do I start it? I get inconsistent results from the peak of my jump, to just above my opponents (training dummy’s) head.

Just a couple hints would help.

Thanks in advanced!

First of all, cross-up tatsu works on every character(standing light tatsu into sweep doesn’t).
I find it easiest to do after a (forward) throw. You dash twice after the throw(for spacing), then you jump and do a hard kick tatsu. Really can’t give you any tips as to when to do the tatsu, I guess that just takes practice. Only thing I can say is that you have to do it sooner than you probably think you should.
Good luck!

As far as I know, x-up tatsu > sweep works on everyone just fine, maybe it requires a bit different timing with certain characters if they have unusual wakeup speed(I think Juri’s and Adon’s don’t seem normal, I could be wrong though). Ground lk tatsu > sweep is character specific, doesn’t work on Ryu or Ken for example.

I’ve learned the most about the x-up tatsu from the Vortex thread, most recommend to use the roundhouse version and the best example to learn how to time it is by the exploding heart technique, it sets you up in a perfect position for doing ambiguous x-up tatsus, I suggest checking that thread for more information.

Space them juust outside of sweep distance, jump forward and hk.tatsu the exact moment you descend. And sweep afterwards. On a standing opponent this is also the spacing for a jumping normal that doesn’t crossup, that’s why the spacing is good to confuse them.

A nifty thing I’ve been doing is x-up tatsu, reset xx mk.dflip throw. Doesn’t always work but its cool as hell. And it hurts.

stop making so many new threads. you didn’t search very well

This is true. But what’s also true is that ever since the release of Super, there has a been a HUGE influx of new players. And about 99% of them, have no idea about this website. So I’ve been kindly directing them here to get information. Most of them have very little forum etiquette and have no idea where exactly to be looking for the information. So to all the “pros” on this forum, please take it a little lighter on the noobs. They’ll get the hang of SRK eventually.

U mad? I did search, and nothing came up answering my specific questions, so I made a new thread on a forum (a place to make threads/posts/replies).

How about you show me what you searched for specifically to answer my question, ok? Maybe the key words I used weren’t the ones you used, hence no results.

What words did you use, oh great troll?

I see that crap a lot. Veteran or older members thinking they know it all, thus thinking everyone else must know it too, so they are allowed to be dicks, though West’s reply wasn’t as bad as I have seen.

And to answer you question, I searched for:

cross up tatsu/hurricane kick
cross up
cross-up tatsu/hurricane kick (hyphenated)
tatsu cross up

And others, but you get the point. Regardless, the posts that came up were all about if they work, “yes/no”. For example:

Look under Abel for example, you will see:

“Tatsu > Sweep?

So after searching, nothing came up answering what I was asking, about how to go about doing this, what strength of attack to use, etc. So either don’t be a dick and assume I searched poorly, or maybe the results given didn’t pertain to the question I was asking, or maybe just try help out understanding this website doesn’t have the more efficient search engine and some people aren’t as completely (self-proclaimed) awesome as you are in this game and could use some help.

Everybody. Relax.

Thanks for this thread because I was searching for how to time cross up tatsus and what strength kick I should be using. This was the first thing that came up when I used the search function.

how do ppl not figure this out? seriously.

how do ppl not figure this out? seriously.